Current Fundraiser

Holiday Fundraiser for York & Adams SPCA’s

The 2022 Snickerdoodle scented 12 OZ. soy wax candle features the golden retriever. In honor of our grand-dog Rebel! 25% of proceeds will be donated!


Our commitment

We are committed to using high quality 100% soy wax for all of our hand-poured candles. Using soy wax is a natural, eco-friendly, budget friendly choice. It offers a much cleaner candle burning option unlike both the well-known brands and poor quality bulk produced candles that contain paraffin. Research shows burning paraffin creates known carcinogens and we simply will not use it in our products. Ever. 

HGD Owners

Sam and Cari Morgan

Sam and I are married with a blended family of five grown children and several pets. Sam is a retired Army veteran and currently works in the Information Technology field. I am a nurse by trade and have managed medical offices for many years. We love animals, nature, traveling and helping others!

 Once we were living under the same roof, we discovered our love for candles and the positive effect the fragrances and candlelight have on us! We were spending too much money on big brand named candles. In addition, were these really our best choice or option? The hubby did some research and purchased a candle making starter kit. That was it! We were in! HGD officially launched in our hometown neighborhood East Berlin, Pennsylvania in November of 2016.

Our Logo

Hunny Girl is a nickname that my father gave me many years ago, HG for short. When we decided that we were going to do this, we needed a logo! The name was easy. We enlisted Sam’s daughter and her artistic abilities to help bring it to life. The idea behind it all is that my dad is watching over us on this adventure and what is created is made with love.