As it was mentioned on our homepage, Hunny Girl wants to give back. We want to be able to take what we do and give back to those things that matter most to us.

We all know somebody that has had cancer. That’s a big one for us. We have multiple relatives and friends whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

For this cause, we have our very popular Blueberry Cobbler available for sale, once per year, every March.

We also love animals. We have a soft spot in our hearts for all of them. We focus our efforts on animals that have been abused or neglected or simply need a home. We currently have 2 adopted dogs. Chance had survived parvo as a puppy and Sarge spent the better part of his first 2 years in and out of the shelter. He had been there for almost a year when when we adopted him. He was their longest resident at the time.

For this cause, we have our super popular Snickerdoodle “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” available from Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Eve.

Hunny Girl also has compassion for our military, police, and fire fighters. With one of us in the medical field, the other a retired combat veteran, and a son that is in law enforcement, this cause is very important to us. Beginning this May, we will unveil our Patriotic and First Responder Fundraiser supporting our friends at Roots for Boots!